Хайп Мониторинг HYIP инвестиционных проектов VIP-Monitor

Golden rules for investing in HYIP projects

In this article we recall the basic rules of the investor. Many people will find this article tedious, but many newcomers have decided to earn on a variety of hyip projects, it is necessary in order to reduce the risks of losses in certain investment programs. However, the sharks of HYIP industry should not forget about these simple rules.

- Having on hands for example the sum in $1000 it isn't necessary to invest them in one HYIP, the most optimum will be to choose some projects which were pleasant to you and to break available
budget on parts of will invest in several HYIP programs, different fractions on 50-100 dollars in every. Upon check-in programs use a complex password for each HYIP a new password.
This will reduce the risk of losing all your money. After registration be sure to fill your wallets and if the project supports the function, then block them. The attacker will not be able
to change the number of purse on your own. Please note when filling your wallets, AdvCash is sometimes filled in digital format (for example U123456789740), but it happens that instead Of
digital format enter the e-mail address to which your wallets are assigned. Profit should be withdrawn as often as possible, however, as the body of the Deposit. For example, if
HYIP provides for accrual of interest 1 time per day, and should be removed every day, do not pull with it. If the project pays interest every hour, respectively
withdraw your money every hour, do not wait and accumulate large sums. By withdrawing money in this way, you will quickly go to breakeven and the work will go already in plus.
And of course do not forget to order Refback (RCB) from our monitoring. All profit friends!